Remote Director of Growth

Remote Director of Growth
About Airdev
Airdev’s mission is to create and deploy the world’s top no-code talent.

For many decades, only coders could build custom software. Now, as no-code platforms gain prominence, talented non-coders have an opportunity to enter the world of software development.

Where does Airdev fit in? We find, vet, and train the best no-code developers. Then we staff them on client projects, which allows these developers to build production-grade applications for clients that range from 1-person startups to Fortune 50 enterprises. Our clients benefit because this approach is drastically faster and cheaper – they can envision products and have them built in weeks instead of years.

About the Director of Growth role

AirDev is at a pivotal moment in our story. As an early entrant into the no-code space, we have spent several years building a truly differentiated offering for our clients. And now we are shifting into growth mode.

Our marketplace business model hinges on attracting two different groups of people – clients and no-code developers. We are looking for someone to work directly with the founders to manage all of our growth activities aimed at attracting potential clients. Specifically, you will:

  • Design and execute a broad mix of marketing strategies, tactics, and systems, consisting of paid ads, partnerships, SEO/content, email, etc.
  • Manage marketing to potential client leads in various niches across organization types, product types, and functions.
  • Manage and grow a marketing team, consisting of a mix of contractors and full-time employees.
  • Create repeatable playbooks in order to be able to scale our marketing activities.
  • Set up and track various metrics, ensuring that our marketing efforts are improving over time.
Things we look for

We value a mix of hard and soft skills, as well as alignment to our core values, in all of our people. Some specific qualities for this role include:

  • Broad marketing experience:  The ideal candidate will have had 5+ years of experience with a wide range of marketing activities, including content marketing, SEO, paid advertising, and others, preferably in a fast-growing environment.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: We look for candidates who take initiative, figure things out, and approach work with the mindset of an entrepreneur.
  • Balance between strategy and execution: The ideal candidate should be able to take both a 10,000 ft view of a problem (e.g. what should our strategy be for this?) and a 1 ft view of the problem (e.g. what setting do I need to tweak in Google Analytics?).
  • Excellence in writing and general communication:  The role will require communicating semi-complex concepts with groups of people who care about different things, so the ideal candidate should be a very clear writer and communicator.
  • Proclivity for tinkering and setting up systems:  We believe in setting up low-overhead systems to help us manage every part of our work, so the ideal candidate should enjoy tinkering with such systems.
  • Interest in technology and software:  Our work centers around building custom software, so excitement about technology is helpful to ensure that the role is rewarding.
  • Organization and track record of getting things done:  This role requires managing many projects at once, so the ideal candidate should be able to tackle and complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Love of intellectual & creative challenges:  The way our firm operates is very unique in the industry, so the ideal candidate should be able to solve challenges that arise in creative and unconventional ways.

*Diversity and Inclusion at Airdev

Airdev is on a mission to make software development more accessible to diverse groups of people and organizations. We value diversity in our customers, partners and employees and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where we provide equal opportunities to all employees, partners and applicants without regard to race, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodiversity, disability, or any other protected status under federal, state and local law. We strive to be a more equal opportunity workplace starting from our hiring and continuing in all parts of our organization.