How to Earn Money Online Through P2E, Fiver, Upwork, and Savyour in Nigeria


What is a game for money (P2E)? The game for monetization uses blockchain technology that allows you to receive cryptocurrency payments from the game. P2E players can earn money by playing games or performing services in the game world with cryptocurrency. This unique community-based business model gives players the ability to collaborate more openly between players and developers to contribute to the game.
What differentiates crypto games from traditional video games is that players can own their in-game assets and convert them into fiat currency, exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or participate in liquidity pool – a cryptocurrency contained in a smart contract to be used later. to create liquidity for transactions – in addition to NFT. So, for example, any in-game item that is considered valuable – be it a sword, amulet, or any MacGuffin digital item that earns you points – can be encrypted as NFT and originally traded. It is possible to pay an amount upfront, but you can always see what the rate of return is. (For a deeper dive into how P2E and GameFi gaming work, check out this brief from Citi.)

2. Fiver

Like P2E, Fiverr is a freelance app and one of the fastest growing online monetization sites in Nigeria. If you are a student and are struggling to make a living, the platform allows you to create user-friendly gigs and make money online. First, you need to create a strong profile and track record and then send in the jobs you are interested in. When performance starts to work, your money-making journey begins.


Like Fiverr, Upwork formerly known as oDesk, is the most used and popular freelance app in Nigeria. This will help you make money online without leaving home. Whether you are a student, a working housewife, a professional or an elderly person, there are many jobs you can get in your field. You can also transfer payments to your local bank with a single click. One of the highest paid applications in Nigeria, connecting freelancers and employers around the world in one platform.

4. Savyour

Have you ever thought of an app that allows you to get your money back when you shop online? No? Try to savyour! It is an online shopping app with great deals and discounts on everything on its portal. From restaurants to everyday clothing to groceries, it allows us to shop online at a reasonable cost and faster. The best part is that the more you shop from the app, the more cashback you have in your account, which you can withdraw at any time. Isn’t this a great app?